Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here's some things that aren't related:

This is happening with more regularity, and I've bit the bullet (so to speak) and will be seeing a "real" dentist soon.  I have an appt with one I've seen before, and like, but taking recomendations because I kind of want to shop this out.
Also, I'm thinking of enrolling in this Aetna Vital Savings plan - anyone know anything about it/have any experience with it?

This weekend, the second time we watched Swiss Family Robinson, MLB got a new girlfriend.  Her name is Raincloud (named after the late "Raincloud" - Kimmy's family cat), she might be a boy, and she belongs to our neighbors who fight in the street over wheelchairs hitting cars.  Anyway, they were pretty Romeo and Juliet, separated by that window screen.


r___anderson said...

i thought it was named "raincloudS" (specifically) because it was named after "raincloud." i could be wrong, but i really hope i'm not.

Bangs said...