Thursday, May 6, 2010


We had a few people over, listened to Mexican music, and burned all the new 2x4's my landlord left in my yard for his building project.
Cory and Mo of My Jello Americans whipped up a bunch of super tasty treats.  The strawberry rhubarb margarita jello shots were the biggest hit.
A lot of guacamole came our way too, and if you were part of that: thanks.

Also, this might be no thing to you, but we've been waiting FOREVER for it, and now we have a sliding glass door, because we're fancy girls.  Soon, we'll even have a screen.

The dumb part is that the wall that's not there anymore is, instead, all over my  yard.  Good job stepping around it, everyone.  I'm all fingers crossed that it'll be gone when I get home tonight.  LIKE MY TONSILS WILL BE TOMORROW.
 Anyway, you might not hear from me in blog world for a minute.  It's not like I have a laptop and can sit around all day blogging (really), but I will be available for milkshake trips, hopefully movie theatres, etc. for about a week - then back to the old grind.

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