Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(let's start with a secret about how bad I am at blogging: I can't create a hyperlink without Googling "create hyperlink". I've apparently visited that website 49 times, since they've been counting.)

This girl, Kristina (who I guess reads this blog, so then I read her blog today for the first time, and maybe for a while we'll be weird, blog, internet friends who don't really talk or correspond, but lurk real casually, one of those things) is talking about more reading. I'm into it. And, in the spirit of New Years, and resolutions and everything, me and the other single girls are reading this book:

Yeah. It's a memoir. About a girl who just says yes to dates. Yeah, probably terrible. But I've been *kind of* meaning to read it for like a billion years since I heard about it on NPR or something.
I should probably be getting more invested in Literature (capital L) instead, but this seemed funnier, more realistic, and possibly more motivating.

Speaking of "yes", I got so many texts (mostly from C, but also from two other people) that just said "yes" on Sunday, which just felt positive. And way less annoying than the "k" texts that people sometimes send.


pinchefresco said...

I hope that book has a chapter about how the best thing you can do for yourself is to always immediately say "YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES" to offers for breakfast dates, because that has been one of the key secrets to my rare brand of personal happiness. A breakfast date never, ever goes wrong, it's always unexpected, and you just breathe better the whole day. I am talking here about an actual date, just like a normal date, only first thing in the morning, over breakfast. If anyone is lucky enough to be offered one of these, they need to drop what they're doing and go.


carina romano said...

wanna go on a date?

Bangs said...

I need to finish this book real quick and see how it turns out first.

(Don't take that as a "no".)