Thursday, January 7, 2010

today is a day

It's sunny and nice out (except for some streets which are dark scary wind tunnels today), and my Thursdays start at 11, so I was able to enjoy a nice leisurely ride into the city today.

Good news:
iPod makes any ride more fun.
One of my brake levels thawed out and works, which makes the whole thing less scary.

Bad news:
I got hit by a SEMI this morning. 18 wheeler vs 2 wheeler. It was a draw, I guess. I was coming down 6, stopped at the corner of Callowhill, waiting for a green light. Stopped, like standing over my bike because that light takes a hundred years to change. So this truck decided to do a right on red and it kept getting closer and closer as it turned/drove. Towards the end the truck is actually hitting the back of my bike, then my back, and you're faced with this choice: do I run, because this giant truck is going to run me over (bike sacrifice) or do I do a weird, standing over my bike back up as fast as I can (especially difficult on a cruiser). I chose the latter, and am no worse for wear, but it did put me on edge for a minute. The whole thing was weird and slo-mo, some cars were mad (for me? I hope.)
So, I came out okay.

Lately has been trying to wear more jewlery, Beauty and the Geek, and arguing over Coke(aCola) money, in the good way.

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