Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm reading four books, except the one (Joy Luck) probably doesn't count because I've been "reading" it for months.

So three. But twday, we'll talk about the two most relevant:

The Vixen Manual (follow up to Confessions of a Video Vixen, and the Vixen Diaries). This one is a little less scandal/expose of the music video industry/memoir, and a little self-help. If you know anything about Karrine Steffans, you probably know what to expect from her books.

It got suggested to me. As a single girl. And by suggested, I mean, put into my hands for me to take home. It's really funny, and full of little tips in the sidebar with titles like "Vixen say What!?"
I'll admit. I'm skimming this book, trying to pick out the gems, because it half-astonishes me how much I'm doing wrong, and half of it is pure fodder.

And, I finally started reading The Year of Yes. It's overwhelmingly full of literary references. Like maybe 3 per page. It makes me wish I knew literature better, and it makes me wonder if I should be reading the books girl is referencing, instead of a book about dating in NYC in the early aughts? So far, I've only gotten to the part where she's going to say yes. She hasn't actually started yet.
It's okay.

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bitteramanda said...

it's a little hard to believe there was anything left to say after confessions of a video vixen...