Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night we had a drink for Josh Ballard's birthday at Johhny Brenda's.

Two questions that kept coming up
1. Which of these people at the table would you save/keep in the event of apocalypse?
Number one answer: Ryan Anderson
(Josh hated this part of discussion, obviously. What's not so obvious - did he hate it because he wasn't first picked, or because he's nervous about the End?)

2. What kind of animal (well, furry) would you be?
(answered varied, but from both ends of the table, people started suggesting that I'd be a panda bear. Which is fine, I guess.)
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r___anderson said...

once i was talking to josh about bankers ruling the world, and peak oil, and he had to leave the room because he thought he was starting to have a panic attack.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue~
My name is Sarah. We haven't met (yet) but I'm friends with LuLu, Luke, Dane,, ah.. Daniel, Amber and those guys. LuLu sent me the link to your blog. Love it.

I have a friend who cannot bear to speak about the end of the world or polar bears or global warming after she's had a few drinks. She has to leave the room and usually ends up bawling her eyes out.

lana bear said...

i guess id pick randerson too. maybe.

sarah said...

sarah - is your friend single? maybe her and josh could get together and not talk about those things.

Kamper said...

To be more precise, I think the discussion was about who would survive in an apocalypse. Someone could be really loveable and we'd want to keep them, but maybe we just don't think they'd make it.