Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oops, I guess I got really busy playing Nintendo Jeopardy all night (and recovering from that), so I haven't written anything.

I can tell you this. I saw a couple movies:
I saw Imaginarium at the Ritz Bourse. (Side note: Bourse might be my favorite theatre in the city, because it's the first one I went to - Napolean Dynamite?!, and the first one I worked at, and because Fran worked there, and because now Sarah's a manager there. But the Riverview might also be my favorite, because of the memories.)

I liked it. And would maybe see it again someday. Not right away, but someday.
I mean, I guess any movie that Heath Ledger is halfway in (so, just this one) where he gets replaced by people like Johnny Depp is pretty okay. The sets were pretty...imaginary-y, like Pan's Labyrinth or something (the good way). The story was all good and evil and tricks and bargains with the devil (like Haiti? JK, Pat Robinson), and the value of being clever, and a little bit of morality. And mortality.

Also saw Book of Eli. I didn't see the Road (read it), but I think it's the same movie, with a Bible in the mix. Ash-snow, post-apocolypse future, fighting over water, and so much walking, walking walking, down the abandoned highways. In the Road, the guy is walking to get to the ocean, and his whole thing is protecting (and feeding) his kid. Eli is more concerned with protecting this book, and also walking to the ocean. There's roadside pirates, weird scary holdouts, and action sequences.
Eli (the movie, not the character) didn't do super good at explaining how humanity possibly managed to destroy every single Bible in the world except this ONE, but we'll let it slide. I liked some of the other future presuppositions - like if you eat people, you get shaky hands - and nobody likes someone with shaky hands, because it means they might eat you. And the end is is really hopeful, like the end of some Batman movies, and there's a twist!
It was pretty medium. Better than expected, but not good.

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