Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I almost forgot.

Last week I ordered a digital camera.

In college I had a fancy (for 2000) digital camera, that was probably like $300. Then I had more, which had progressively more megapixels, for progressively less money, and now I just go for the cheapest one. Because I know I go through them. (I think I've had 5. Not fifteen, but more than someone should probably have had). I probably go through them because I only spend $50-100 on digital cameras, but I think I might break/lost it even if I spent a whole lot more? So for now, I'll keep getting the bang4buck one. This one was less than $40, on sale.

This time, I'm trying out a little purple Vivicam:

I've never done Vivicam before. Hopefully it takes nicer pictures than the old easy share.
Soon my blog will be overflowing with medium quality point and shoot shots of boring things in my life.

Can't wait!

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pinchefresco said...

This should be mine. It's purple.