Monday, January 11, 2010


I ate five pieces of gum today. Ate as in swallowed.

Last night we went to the movies and saw the new vampire number, Daybreakers, with Ethan Hawke.

It's in the future, but the near, imaginable future (in ten years, I think). I don't want to do too much spoiling, but everybody is vampires, barely anybody is human.

Things I liked
basic concept/problem
classic vampire rules: they die when exposed to sunlight (as opposed to stupid Twilight where the vampires just get so sparkly you can barely handle it), will die with a wooden stake, etc.
fairly subtle background given by headlines, advertising, and tv broadcasts (LOST is also pretty good at this)
regular (non-glamorous) vampires
apocalypse vision

Things I did not like
loosely disguised commentary on pharmaceutical companies
number of action sequences
most of the heros

If you see the movie, maybe you'll get it. I realized half-way through that my "review" was a synopsis, and boringer than the movie (which is not boring. Or, at least, less boring than Avatar. Which wasn't the worst, but sure was long).


pinchefresco said...

For maybe the first time since I've known him, Conrad gave me his list of complaints about this movie today and they actually all made sense.

christophresh said...

I'm going to write, direct, produce, star in, and be head gaffer for MY NEW MOVIE.
it will be in 3-D, or maybe 4-D, and called:
which rhymes with avatar.
but abattoirs are slaughterhouses.
It's going to be horror and gross people out (4-D guts)
and we will hand out sickbags
and we will make more money than any Cameron film ever.
Oh, by WE I mean ME