Tuesday, January 5, 2010

how I am not a zombie

A long time ago, there was this thing about listing (in your blog) (or maybe even your myspace?) all your previous roommates (I have 18?) and funny things/synopsis about them.
In lieu of the whole list today, I'll lay out my current situation, and maybe someday I'll work backward through past living arrangements, to the begining: 2000, living with M'Katie and Joy. Maybe someday.

Anyway, today, I give you my current roommates (dressed as some sort of peacock and April O'Neal from TMNT)-
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27 y/o airline flight attendant who regularly gets nervous that I might be a zombie. Really.
She heard a noise the other day (me yelling at Booger because she pee'd in my room), and wouldn't come out of the bathroom for a while. Because she really thought I might be a zombie. I am not a zombie. I promise.

and Kimmy
27 y/o airline (maybe...customer service manager?) who can quickly be moved to tears by the suggestion that her 19 lb cat is imaginary.

All this to say that my life is super hard. Convincing people I'm not undead, and not making too many jokes about fake cats.