Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been doing this thing (this week), where it's too cold/I'm too tired in the AM to think about riding my bike all the way to work. So I disregard my intentions and veer off course toward the El stop by Andy's house. I park my bike there, and take the El to work.
But then, after work, I always wish I had my bike, because I don't like taking the El home, so I walk back to my bike, which takes about 50 minutes, which is about the right amount of time to try out a podcast.

Most recently: Funemployment Radio. Let's just say it's Bangkok Dangerous, but boring-er. I even feel open minded enough that I think I could get past the sports part, and the beard-scratching-into-the-mic part, but the rest was nearly impossible.
Thumbs down. Like when you go to a movie and you just keep hoping the good part is coming up, but it never does.

(I have to go read a Twitter tutorial now. Really. For work/I have a job.)

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