Friday, January 15, 2010


Suggestions from people/articles/comments on articles (about getting your shit together).

This article is kind of funny/real, and says to get a plan. Then someone who commented about that article said to quit Facebook, you'll be glad.

Some boys at Wednesday told me I should make an Excel budget. I've never done this before, and maybe it feels too much like Sarah. But also maybe I'll try.

And then pretty much everyone says to work on that allusive 5 year plan. We'll see.

I can probably do some of these things. Mostly I think it'd be a good first step to quit cutting my hair.

edited to add: Now I can't stop reading people's blog posts about their QLC. It's kind of addicting, but in an invisible commiseration kind of way.

and: This one is especially poignant. JK.


s. said...

i also have QLC drama on th ebrain today.

i just found out about this program called Philly Fellows - it's a program for graduating college students - they get accepted to the program, are given free housing, a stipend, and are connected to a non-profit that in a field they are interested in, where they work full-time.

you have to be graduating in 2010 to be eligible.

i think i did my early 20's wrong. i want a do-over.

zerbipedia said...

crossblogs more like. I like the fact that we both just blogged the links we sent to each other. synchronicity.

and I agree with you about do-overs.


Rad said...

Isn't it only a quarter life crisis if you plan to live to be 108? Third of the way there is more like it. Urgency!

pinchefresco said...

I'm starting to understand that any small change to your routine that doesn't threaten the stability of the routine itself gives you a feeling of control and is exciting for its novelty. So it's probable that any small tweaks you make or any new perspectives you create for yourself will make you feel better about life in general.

Recently, mine is CVS cocoa butter spray after my shower. Justin Bond tweeted about how it's heaven on the beach for $7.99 a bottle, and he turned out to be exactly right.