Friday, January 29, 2010


Marilyn emailed me the plan for tonight, and I already feel overwhelmed:

Standard Tap at 6:30
then Johnny Brenda's
then KFN
then El Bar
then Memphis Tap Room
then Lost Bar
then our house?

Maybe a little 700 Club or Arts Garage after?
Then maybe Ruba?
Come get overwhelmed with us?
I'm sure it's subject to change and everything - so check back here for live blogging/updates from each location, or just subscribe to my twitter. Psych.
Phone calls.


christophresh said...

LIVE UPDATE- I'm meeting them soon at M Room.


pinchefresco said...

That was sooo much fun!

Bangs said...

(Even if it was only less than half of those plans).
Sorry we never made it over to Brett's - we started grilling hot dogs and popping popcorn. You know.