Friday, January 29, 2010

frozen banana breakfast

(my banana froze on the way to work. It's so cold out today!)

Last night we made little delicious pizzas and watched the NBC line up.
Question: What's better, a clips episode, or a rerun?

If you know me, you'll know I like making bets. I like winning bets, but possibly just as much or more, I like making bets. Little guys. $1 bets. The last one I won was against Deven about the spelling of Jeanie in "I dream of Jeanie". I was right.

So, what about money as motivator to do something good? Kind of like when people pay a membership to go to the gym, and part of it is being able to access all the machinery, but I think even more of it is "I paid a lot of money, now I have a responsibility to get my money's worth, AND get skinny".
I kind of want to get involved in a bet, for more than a dollar, about either eating healthy and exercising and getting...less round(?), OR a bet about actually finishing my school application on time or something.
The "get healthy" one would have to have some sort of time period, and rules, and percentages, and weigh-ins like the Biggest Loser, and like a hundred dollars each.
The other one could be more like a reward system. I haven't really worked it out yet. It's more complicated because the people involved in the wager could have different goals/time restraints, etc.

Also, when's my camera gonna come?


Bangs said...

Update: camera came. Moments after posting. It's medium crappy, but was $30.

Anonymous said...

it's Jeannie.

sarah said...

i think conrad likes to make bets about losing weight

pinchefresco said...

You and Deven were both wrong! Mel is right! Two "N"s in Jeannie's name.

pinchefresco said...

Also, I think you're beautiful, but if you come up to me someday and tell me you have achieved your roundness goal, I will give you FIVE American dollars.

Bangs said...

Okay okay.

The bet was actually "Is the character from the TV show with a J or a G?" and I won, but I obviously wouldn't have won the real deal spelling competition.

And, update $30 camera: strangely,not great. Return.

kamper part deux said...

i'll make bets about roundness with you. i'm totally going to get fit. (and no, the shred isn't working quite like i had hoped. onto new and more realistic ideas about this.)