Friday, January 8, 2010


Things don't seem weird until you notice them.

You think I email you a lot? You should see the emails I send myself.
Most recently: Best Parties We've Had with a list of the best parties I/we/they had, with an emphasis on good themes/execution, starting in 1989.
If I think of an addition to this (or any) list, I respond to myself. So I can keep the list up to date. Which results in tons of emails. You know how I do.

Topping the list currently
Pirate birthday party
Fashion show birthday
Fred's Birthday (before we knew him)
Where's Waldo decoy party
Sexy Unsexy Halloween
Lost-ume party
Christmas in July
Dress as your Mii (good in concept, but sometimes people aren't good at dressing up)
HP 6 (also good in concept)
Factory party
Time Party (and Time Party II)
Cat Lady Party (great in execution, low turnout)
Twin Peaks costume party
Indian Indian Xmas (mostly the food/Quizzo)

I feel like I must be missing something, but so far so good. I'll just have to keeping emailing myself til the list is complete.

I find funnier emails that I've sent myself too, if I go through the archives: like lists of reasons not to like a boy, or screen shots of virtual furniture arrangements. My GMail is like a time capsule.


pinchefresco said...

1. We didn't throw either Time Party.

2. Ummm...Prom?

3. Hit and Run?

4. The last H-weens, except you missed them :(

pinchefresco said...

the last *2* H-weens

Bangs said...

List includes parties I/we/they had. I just didn't put all that into the title of the email, but it IS in the description.

And, I know :(, Halloween. This year. I'm already working on some ideas.
Hit and Run(s) and Proms. Yep.

Bangs said...

(And, next time I email the list to myself, I'll change the whole subject line to the more accurate: "Best Parties We've Had/Been to, that I/We/They Threw".

elizabethfrances said...

How about the shooting of "what's the hex?"
If fred's birthday party was a party i think that was a party too. Maybe that is on a list of worsts for you? Maybe not. I just noticed a giant gap from a 2001 party to all philly parties which had to be after 2004.

And can you please just call sewfest 2000 a party for mine and sarah's sake?
(ok, not on a public blog list but in your own email to your self kind of list)

Bangs said...

Beta: I was actually trying to think of some other ones we did. SewFest 2000 for sure. I'd like to add PowerPoint Showdown too, but the "party" definition seems to be getting looser and looser...

bitteramanda said...

i liked the tasker housewarming//dane's bday the best...

pinchefresco said...

Amanda's right. Plus what about Sloshfests and the infamous "Tiramizawesome Thanksaftergiving"? And Star Wars Christmas? We're really good at these.

Plus if you're counting parties we've been to, you might need to think about the one where I met you in Buffalo, where we got sloppy and played with their records.

sarah said...

1. sewfest is number one.
2. rooftop 4th of july gathering- where did brian go - is on my list.
3. jump roping surprise birthday party for beta
4. that new years at your (moms) house when your mom wanted josh to sleep over
5. our "we just moved to philly/it's our birthdays" was nice (when sarah weiss and greg asked us who bought us beer because they thought we were under age)
6. 'holidays you missed' is my number 2 favorite ever.

r___anderson said...

wow, i thought the Third Annual Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial Soiree would have made it on there, but maybe that was just a personal triumph...

and yes, sloshfest 2k5 was a wonderful introduction to philadelphia, for me. we went to another STATE to get booze.

Kamper said...

You could just change the definition to "best events" so you could include the powerpoint showdown. Because that was pretty good.