Monday, January 18, 2010


Two things that I ordered recently.

Boots. Ordered Jan 08 10. Haven't come yet. I don't eve know if I want them, and it's especially hard to decide about, if they never ever come. FedEx tracking is little more than a list of places the boots could exist.

Review: DSW? The store is okay, and if you buy online, the 2 day (jokes) shipping is free, but what you ordered might just not ever come. (This thing happened to M too - ordered boots, never, ever came.) (And, take this as a shoe-buying comparision to both Amazon, and Zappos, which usually come the next day, and also offer free shipping).

DSW: After this, I'm done with you. Unless I'm in the suburbs and stopping in real quick, bc your clearance section is pretty good.

I ordered some weird little cord that I'm supposed to be able to hook up to my iPod and tv, and then watch tv shows from my iPod ON tv. Sounds awesome, right?
So, back in December, I get an email from them,
"You're item have been shipped! You shall recieve it recently!"
but then it didn't come.
So then yesterday:
"Really sorry for kept you waiting. International shipping requires more complicated shipping procedures.Maybe there are some unexpected cases leading to the delay of the item. Perhaps your item still wait for custom clearance in your country or is being arranged for distribution in your local post office. Any force majeure may also lead to the delay,such as local labor strike or horrible climate problem.

I was obviously starting to lose hope. But... it came today! If anyone wants to come over and watch iPod LOST but much larger, let's do it! This will hopefully be a super easy way to project summer movies from people's iPods.

If you have to buy something online, right now I reccoment 買家已回覆你對此物品的問題, in Hong Kong, over DSW.


pinchefresco said...

"Force majeure" is pretty good. said...

Hi my name's Luke and I work at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse. I saw your blog post about your order with us and would like to talk to you about what happened and see what we can do to give you a better experience. Please contact me at Look forward to hearing from you.

Bangs said...

Hi Luke,

I was very surprised to hear from someone from DSW about this!

While I’ve shopped at DSW before, I only recently became a member, and this was my first online DSW shopping experience.

My roommate had recently ordered a pair of boots and a wallet from DSW, and they just never showed up. Eventually, after much waiting, she was told the order probably was never coming, and her order was cancelled. She was refunded, but disappointed.

When I got a $10 off coupon in the mail, I decided to go ahead and try your online store, and hope that my roommate’s experience was a fluke.

I ordered a pair of boots on Dec 8, and anxiously tracked the shipping on FedEx. They received the information two days later, and didn’t receive the package for shipment until Dec 11. I got the boots nine days after that – Dec 20 - much after the event I was hoping to wear them to, and not within the 4-7 business days from my order.

While I was happy with the product that came, I was pretty dissatisfied by how long the “free standard shipping” took. Whether this problem is on your end or FedEx’s is kind of irrelevant to me, as a shoe buyer. Other packages from FedEx seem to come in reasonable time.

As mentioned in my blog, other online retailers (for example Zappos or Amazon) have shipped shoes to me with similar “free shipping” promotions, and I have received them the next business day or the day after, which makes me very much more inclined to order from them, than from DSW.

Thanks for your time, hopefully you understand my discontent.


Bangs said...
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Bangs said...

Also, dear readers, to be fair - I exaggerated in my original post. It wasn't supposed to be 2 day shipping, but rather standard shipping.
(I must have gotten their offer confused with a better one, from someone else, when I posted.)
It still took for-ev-er (longer than promised/expected).


Bangs said...


Thank you for your prompt and well articulated response. I want to apologize on behalf of DSW and for the delay in your order arrival. We very much value our customers and our relationships with them. After looking at your order I can not point to any particular reason why your delivery was late…all I can is say that we promise 4-7 business days and we hold ourselves accountable to that. So please accept a $15 e-gift card to as a token of apology and please contact me the next time (the day of) you place an order (M-F 8-6) and I’ll upgrade your shipping to 2-day shipping for free. I apologize again for your experience and hope your next one is a great one!

Lucas Kozlowski, Shoe Lover!

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Customer Marketing Specialist