Monday, November 2, 2009

we did Halloween

we did it so many nights in a row.
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First this party at SugarMom's. There was a lot of good costumes there. People who really like video-games really know how to do it, I guess. Also really good nachos.
The next night was Twin Peaks party, again with lots of outfits/participation/appropriate foods. Marilyn and I were Johnny and Audrey Horne.
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Outfit changes, hurrying in case Septa striked (struck?), etc.
The last night (actual Halloween) was pretty good too. My mummy costume got another wear, we all got to wear face paint, and my giesha outfit got really filthy, which means it was probably really fun too.
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Lately: talking about which iPod to get (Nano? Touch?), going back and forth about haircuts (as usual), wearing moccasins, making bad and good decisions, annoying people about shared-art-project due dates, etc.

I stole all these pictures from Marilyn's bookFace and Leslie's. Thanks for taking having cameras, taking pictures.

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