Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If you don't know about Cha-Cha, it's this website/text message service, where you just ask a question, then someone looks it up and gets back to you.
A year or two ago, we were really into Cha-Cha. They'd answer any question, send you a recipe, whatever. Some of us (Ryan, myself, maybe Sarah?) even worked for Cha-Cha, learning their guidelines, answering people's questions.
Then it got really dumb.
They started paying a lot less, sending stupid jokey answers, and ADVERTISING to your phone, which was the worst.

[End Cha-Cha era.]

Last week, I needed a picture of a girl from Project Runway season 1, and all of us had kind of a hard time finding the perfect picture (thanks for your efforts Kim, Kelly, others).
Then Holly drops this bombshell: The Internet Public Library. You just ask a question, and little Amanda McKnight's are working all the time, just looking up answers for you! For free! For real! They have to give sources (that aren't wikipedia) and everything! How many good questions can we ask them? THE INTERNET IS AWESOME.

[Enter IPL era.]


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at your service.

r___anderson said...

yeah, i heard about this from a librarian friend recently. i asked a very indepth multiplepart question about some specific fictional literary nameplaces and their nonfictional counterparts... three days later i got a bunch of really really good answers!
so good.