Monday, November 16, 2009


Later tonight (really, it's tomorrow morning, but who's counting?) Ryan and I embark on a series of planes to that most central country of Central America: Costa Rica.

It's about time because things haven't been going super awesome:
I was trying to fix up my haircut. I noticed there was some cat hair in the clippers. I cleaned them. Forgot to put the guard back on, and started shaving my head. Bald. Just one strip.

My favorite best bike (which was really Kimmy's) got stolen Saturday night (after losing probably 3 or 4 serious games of Yahtzee). "Oh, now you can just ride your scooter more now, right?" Wrong. Scooter's in the shop. Same old problem, different diagnosis.

Aside from people making pancakes TWICE this weekend, the bads outweighed the goods. Hopefully the sun is shining at the equator.


Bangs said...

I forgot about one good thing though:
WE GOT A NEW WASHING MACHINE! I DID FOUR OR FIVE LOADS OF LAUNDRY THIS WEEK! "Oh, that sounds like chores?" you ask. No way. Not having a washing machine is the worst, especially when you have a weird thing happening, and are supposed to wash your sheets every day.
I don't know how you people who laundromat can do it.

r___anderson said...

you make that "weird thing happening" sounds a little like "wetting the bed."