Monday, November 9, 2009


Today is Kimmy's birthday.
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The plan is Yakitori Boy. Kelly wants to wear a pink wig, and maybe someone else (JB? Greg?) will wear that orange camo shirt, so they can pretend they're Coppola-ing. I don't sing at Karaoke, cause I'm too scaredy cat, but we've got a few superstars in the ranks.

Also, here's a (birthday) picture of Booger wearing MLB's new hair.
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As far as 'activity parties' go, there was also a killer roller skating party this weekend. (I fell on my head, pretty hard, but that was bc we were trying to show off.)
In life? More themes and rentals, please.

Later: movie review (spoiler: bad), first haircuts, more.

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r___anderson said...

if you like themed parties, i know of one.