Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cuts, aliens, perscriptions

On Friday, Kimmy and Lulu and I went and got fancy lady haircuts at Toppers Salon. Long story short - they were free haircuts.
Bryce cut my hair. I like it fine, and it's more sticky-uppy than before. He got Project Runway and ANTM confused, which was...confusing.
Here's what my hair looks like (kind of) after a daytime nap.
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Mostly it was really nice to have somebody shampoo my hair.

We also might get our eyebrows did there sometime soon. Again, free. I'm not sure if these are services I'd pay for, but I will tip for them.

This weekend, we went and saw The Fourth Kind. Which was kind of X-filesy, a tiny bit Blair Witchy, and presented as a docudrama. I yelled at some girls in the theatre for talking/texting too much (and probably saved their life.)
Movie? Pretty bad. A lot of spinning. A character in this movie directed AND wrote it. Sounds unbiased and true...

I also found out this week that I might/probably have MRSA. I've been a carrier (incubator) for it since brain surgery, but now it looks like it's in me for real. I'm on 3 different meds for it (one goes up my nose!), and if I DO have the MRSA, I'll be better next week. In the meantime, I can't have prolonged skin-to-skin contact with you.
While I was at the doctors, I read the new issue of Cosmo, which has a lot of tips about avoiding H1N1. Like (for instance), the least-likely-to-get-the-swine-flu sex positions, greetings, and kisses.
Thanks, Cosmopolitan.


pinchefresco said...

Temple's giving me a free swine flu shot tomorrow cuz they did a survey of all the students and decided that I'm "high risk," I think mostly because I'm old and work around food.

Or because I'm SPECIAL1!!

(as in "SOMAKER get her flu shot"?)

Bangs said...

You should also switch to blowing people kisses, instead of kissing anybody on the mouth. It's truth: I read it.

lana bear said...

tell more about the safe sex positions. :)