Friday, November 6, 2009

can't get enough

of Google analytics.
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Also, internet challenge:
Anybody out there who's really good at the internet? I need a largish picture of Nora Caliguri. With short hair. By 4:30. Just so you know, it's impossible.


kamper part deux said...

big enough?:

Bangs said...

I guess so...but that picture doesn't really convey what I need it to.
Looking into Shannyn Sossamon c. Rules of Attraction now.
(haircuts are complicated).

kamper part deux said...

no joke. even with a pic. they are complicated. i looked into shannyn sossamon do's about a month ago, the one she had the premier of rules of attraction. but i had a hard time getting a good pic too.
(good luck with new do. can't wait to see how fancy it is.)