Friday, November 6, 2009

on the SEPTA strike

I'm gonna come out and say it: I don't mind the SEPTA strike.
So far, it hasn't inconvenienced me at all. Now I always bike to work (because the traffic is kind of bananas, even if you're on a scooter) and back, even up the 5th street tunnel!
While biking, there's no need to worry about a bus running you over - so those giant "bus/bike" lanes are huge and safe.
I've also been doing tons of pilates and yoga (okay, pilates and yogilates) this week, which, while it doesn't seem directly related, has suspiciously coincided with the strike.
So, to me...I'm pretty sure it's fine. Until I have to get somewhere and it's pouring or something. Then I'll be mad.


pinchefresco said...

Yeah, my life's not that different. If it was a lot colder, though, I'd be upset.

Remember like five years ago when Melissa put out a request on MySpace (this website thing we all used to use) for hidden pleasures in Philadelphia? And I started writing a reply and still hadn't finished my enormous list three hours later but sent it anyway? And she never got it and it's gone forever?

Well, "biking through the 5th Street Tunnel" was on there, as was "biking through the 5th street tunnel, at night, wearing sunglasses."

Bangs said...

I do NOT remember, but that's great. Maybe start her up again? ("her" = list).

that pants said...

hi, yes...delilah had asked me about a list of things to see and enjoy when she moved here. i think i posted a myspace bulletin about it, though i think i said treasures, not pleasures (less sexy). andy, if you have a list i would still like it.

Bangs said...

I will certain add: St. Charles rollerskating rink, 20th and Christian.

Maybe we should all do some sort of Google Doc about it.