Wednesday, November 25, 2009

t-gives 09

Thanksgiving is at Oxford this year!

You're invited, and here's what to expect:
a giant turkey!
cats in outfits! (hopefully)
hearing what other people are thankful for!
special guests from Long Island! New York! Baltimore! Washington! (some of them librarians!)
tiramizawesome! (jokes)
hanging out with people who aren't hanging out with their parents!
Ryan's story about a girl!
the DOG SHOW on TV!
parades with balloons!
not knowing where to sit, and not caring!

Now don't forget this thing is potluck. You're supposed to bring a dish, or a bottle of wine. Find the recipe, or buy the wine today - you know that state store will be closed tomorrow, don't be silly. 8pm.

Oh, AND Rob said he's bringing some new board games, and I'd really like to get together a craft so we can all make Thanksgiving headdresses, but no promises.

1 comment:

pinchefresco said...

I am thankful for your blog.

Also, I'm not coming if we're having tiramizawesomes.

Also, I hope Thanksaftergiving is on again this year.