Friday, November 13, 2009

news alerts

1. My newest body fail has gone from "probably" to "definitely", but with an A-OK for travel.

2. The Uniform Project had it's first death. My whole take on her is
a. it's kind of awesome that she's raising money for poor school kids
b. it's pretty dumb that she's promoting "sustainable clothing" by wearing only one dress, meanwhile exhausting closetfulls of accessories and shoes
c. she always makes a sideways smirky face

It's not fun and games anymore.

3. We're having Thanksgiving, if you want to come: wine, potluck.

4. There are no colones in Philadelphia. Tried to exchange money today, no dice.

5. (Not for the feint of heart) Swiss Cheese Man has a name, and it's Chris.


christophresh said...



pinchefresco said...

I got a shot the other day so I wouldn't get the coldfu.

See how I stick to my SUBJE ?

nicole said...

Chris doesn't sound all that bad...might smell a little funny but hey most boys I know are kinda stinky too.

LuLu said...

"meat and cheese go well together"