Thursday, November 5, 2009


Good news: the strongest, most manly men we know took broken washing machine out of our basement last night AND some weirdo (probably) from Craigslist took it from the curb.
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Since there's no Sports tonight (sorry everybody), doesn't someone want to invite me over to your house to watch a movie or a hundred episodes of television while I do my laundry? We'll only pause so I can switch loads. I'll buy Mexican food.

Seriously. My room is starting to smell. Like a boy's room.


Rad said...

Make sure not to make your room smell too nice. Then you won't ever want anyone over.

carina romano said...

i'd invite you over tonight to watch edward sissorhands if i wasnt already going to watch the Get Up Kids in concert.


but yeah. you should probably come over. i live with rachel now.

Bangs said...


that's probably the best answer possible.

zerbipedia said...

ugh, I'm so sorry about the washer breaking. And the boy smell is probably residual from Nick. He spent a LOT of time in there.

pinchefresco said...

I wish I'd seen this last night.


Bangs said...

Carina: GUK turned craigslist into a timewarp.