Monday, November 23, 2009

posta Rica

(Imagine a picture of a sunset over the Pacific here. Palm trees and everything. I didn't have a camera, and none of us did any internetting or anything, so instead, a Post-Costa-Rica update).
a list (of funny things), for old time's sake:

1. Taxi drivers that ROCK OUT to Journey.

2. A certain traveling companion fell hard for a "hot babe" at the hostel. Tiny, cute, Norwegian girl. Who wears her hood up the whole time. Because she has horns. Surprise!

3. Sarah wiping sand from her butt on my leg. Because I "didn't believe her" regarding how much sand was in her bathing suit.

4. Souvenirs from San Salvador. I'll show you someday if you're over. Pretty weird/funny/sexy. I bought two. One for our house (to show you), and one I will probably give to JB, because he has the most potential to feel uncomfortable about it.

5. Monkeys trying to steal a guy's underpants at the beach.

6. Lady wearing children's underpants as a hat, next to us on plane. Underpants featuring a print with a child who had horns.

7. Hotels with elaborate, daily changing towel animals. (Imagine more pictures here. Maybe soon.)

8. Beetlejuice. "Betlegeuce".

9. Getting stung by a jellyfish, and Sarah wanting to pee on my arm.

10. 16:3 (emails waiting when I got home:emails with TOP SECRET in the subject line).


r___anderson said...

you're totally giving away my 'punch line.'

Bangs said...

1. Don't worry, only Dan Platt reads my blog.

2. Stop being worried that after you facebook her, she's going to somehow find my blog, and it's going to ruin your chances.

3. I wonder what happened to Josh last night?

r___anderson said...

real funny.
he was probably killed and eaten by bums.

lady.shiv said...

I read your blog.
I guess I shouldn't have told you, so you'd continue to share more of Ryan's secrets.

r___anderson said...

oh, and ps, it was "total babe."