Monday, March 1, 2010


I spent this weekend going to the movies and looking for my wallet. And looking for my wallet at the movies (really).

I saw Shutter Island. The less you read about this movie, or expect, the better, so I'll be brief. It was a kind of traditional psychological-thriller-twist kind of plot, but I'll be honest: I like those plots. And it was really good looking (as usual, Martin).
I will let you know this: If you were thinking about not seeing it, because of that creepy lady in the previews with weird hair who does the "shush" thing, don't let that deter you. (I thought that was a pretty big indicator that the movie would be terrible. Know this - she doesn't appear in the movie more than that. It's not one of those movies).
It's no Departed, but it's pretty okay.

I also saw Wolfman, which was boring and ugly CGI, and very dark (in the traditional sense, as in "not very much light"). The best, and possibly only good part is that the werewolf looked classic-monster werewolf, which is more than I can say about Lupin or Greyback (of HP lore), or any of those kids from Twilight.

I did not find my wallet.


FXF said...

Shutter Island was so bogus.

Bangs said...

You're so bogus.

lady.shiv said...

I also liked Shutter Island, strangely.

marilyn said...

twilight werewolves aren't actually werewolves. and i'm not even ashamed of myself for knowing that.