Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last night (after getting pizza dough from the place on the corner so Kimmy and I could make toaster-over pigs-in-blankets) I saw a black and white bunny in the big lot next to our house.

Obviously, I called Marilyn outside, because she and I have a history of trying to grab small animals out from under cars (saving them from certain demise). We chased it a lot. Were scared it was going to bite us. Marveled at how white it's white parts were. Had no plan for it if we caught it.

Where did it come from? What was it doing just hanging out like that? Can we definitively know it's not one of Dr. Chang's bunnies?

It jumped through a hole in a fence into a scary yard. We quit.


Unknown said...

careful... chasing rabbits is how alice got herself in trouble.

Bangs said...

Good thought.

We tried again last night, with a trap, and people jumping into other people's yard in the dark, and still no bunny.