Friday, March 19, 2010


As is the case with most weekends, I won't be posting, because I'll be really busy. Busy hanging out in my yard.
My yard which is free of rats.
Because we won, or at least it seems like it.
This is good because it's less gross and scary, but bad (not really bad) because this project we started with the dead rat portraits has come to a halt.

I didn't like the last one I did anyway (4), so that's an older one from Flickr. Rat 5 might not ever even get drawn.

Instead I started drawing a self-portrait before bed, with some notes about the day. It's probably time to start learning about drawing, right? They're pretty weird (the self-portraits). And, I have big intentions of a multi-person collab effort for next month - stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'm grilling, eating and drinking outdoors, hopefully riding bikes, trying to learn my new Vespa, and trying to save Matt leBlanc from the neighborhood.


pinchefresco said...

I'm gonna check in with you in like a week or two about the rats, and if the coast is clear I'm inviting myself over. I miss you guys but I really hate rats.


(which I think is one of the best capchas. I'm assuming it means "being able to see ahead of time what something's good fer."

Bangs said...

There's more cute animals than scary ones in the yard lately.

zerbipedia said...

holy crap I miss the yard/deck/grilling so much. :(

I will be in Philly next weekend, perhaps you will be grilling then too?