Thursday, March 18, 2010

for Sandro

Remember the end of that funny 30 Rock where one of the nurses at the dentist's office says she wants "Don Cheadle on a bed of rice" for lunch?
It was funny.
Brooklyn's Finest was not.

Nor was it especially moving, intriguing, or interesting (but Don Cheadle IS in it).
Imagine watching a highlights episode of ALL of The Wire (perhaps with the exception of "the school" season), starring most of the cast of The Wire, and casting Richard Gere as McNulty. Set it in Brooklyn. That's what it's like.
Stealing and crooked cops and drugs and prostitutes, chases under the el, on the job drinking, racism, you name it.
From the opening sequence on, they explore the ideas of "righter and wronger" (actual terms from the movie). There's three separate, cliche plots (that, to be fair, could have been three boring movies I guess, instead of one) mixed up magnolia style, culminating at one salty Brooklyn locale. OMG! They all ended up here! At the same time! Facing different moral dilemmas! Will Gere, Cheadle and Hawke choose good or evil? Yawn.
It was really violent, which at some point for me crosses a line into really looong. Bang bang boring.
There's way better cop movies than this. I can't think of any off hand, but I'm pretty sure I've seen some, and so have you.


LuLu said...

I once had a dream that I was married to Don Cheadle and I was very pregnant with his baby and there was some kind of disaster and we were stuck inside a church. Don Cheadle was a very good husband. blusband. This sounds more interesting than that movie.

r___anderson said...

better as in: paul blart, mall cop?


pinchefresco said...

Here's Don Cheadle re-enacting the life of Frederick Douglass, as narrated by a girl who's just drunk two entire bottles of wine. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen and really really reminds me of some of our favorite friends (probably including me).


Unknown said...

I just saw this.

I knew hacks would try to ape the Wire, but I haven't seen any examples yet.

Nice work.