Thursday, March 4, 2010


They're finally coming to take our trash. All the fake snowstorms, and it just keeps piling up in the yard. I was going to take a picture of it, but it's Just Too Gross.

Anyway, an easy part of downsizing my life (or "having less things in my backpack" if you're familiar with Oscar nom Up in the Air with George Clooney...) was getting rid of dvd cases.
Dropping this:

In favor of this:

Not ready to actually get rid of the dvd's yet, but absolutely ready to never have to sort though/find a spot for/move all those cases again*.

Other things that could/will get the ax:
That extra old bicycle that sits in the yard. I'll probably just set it outside our gate someday soon.
Art supplies I haven't used in years (I did just get rid of all my old screens last garbage day, so that was good). Also paper. So much paper.
Old bras, underwear, socks, tights that aren't the best.
Hair/makeup/beauty products that I don't actually use.
Books I don't read, or could be libraried so easily. I think I could get by with only keeping...25 books? Last time we moved I really purged them, even a lot of the big art books. And know what? I haven't missed them once. Books are heavy, get dusty.

Marilyn is pretty good at keeping our kitchen situation under control, and makes sure we're not keeping too many crock pots and unmatched tupperware and everything. Which is awesome.

I think if I keep taking these steps, I'll be better off, right? What could I possibly miss?

*if you need/want 3 bags of dvd cases (maybe a hundred or so?) to build a cat fort or something, let me know really quick.

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