Tuesday, March 9, 2010

peanut butter & cat food

Don't think you can handle this post? Don't read it. It's gross.

If you've been over for a late night grill sesh at our house, you might have seen a RAT.
We're rallying against these intruders, and the latest arsenal?

TOMCAT Rat Snap Traps. If I had to recommend a product, it'd be this. We've tried a couple different things, including poison, which leads to a big dramatic, epic Shakespeare type death. This one just seems to clamp down, break their necks, immediate death. (We're accepting other recommendations as well).

If you really want to read about this ongoing struggle, and hear details about what foods rats like, and how gross they are, you can try out Kimmy's blog:

First two victims.

We'll get all y'all. And then we'll probably have to move.


s. said...


i probably should've listened to the warning at the beginning of this post.

lindseyparsons said...

I am all for killing rodents, way to go.

Bangs said...

My other idea was putting an ad on CL to get people to dump unwanted cats in our side yard.