Monday, March 22, 2010

Qs as us(ual)

Another round of questions, all answers welcome.

1. How's this healthcare reform effect me? I'll be honest: I don't totally get it. I already have insurance. Am I just supposed to be happy for those who didn't?
2. Best shorts for under skirts for biking?
3. Why doesn't the Rock-n-roll Exxon sell gas?
(2 and 3 mean that I'm back in the bike game, and back in the scooter game. Great news.)

I have some other questions too*, but they're already being handled by the internet librarians.
More surgery today (another crown lengthening). Maybe movie reviews later if I feel like it.

*about casino dealers wearing armbands. Watching Big Love, Season 4.


Bangs said...

I finally (kind of) got an answer about the insurance one:

pinchefresco said...

The Rock N Roll Exxon doesn't sell gas? That's hilarious.

Just so you know, Dan's band wants to do a cover of the Ramones' "Rock N Roll High School" where they sing "Rock N Roll Exxon."

FXF said...

I swear I've gotten gas at rock n roll exxon. Did I imagine that? My dreams HAVE been boring lately.

Bangs said...

Fran. You probably are thinking of when you got imaginary gas for your imaginary car.
When I was there: "SORRY - no gas" signs. Handwritten, and on evert pump.

ohsolasa said...

best shorts for skirts and dresses are lycra 80's bike shorts from thrift stores. If your dress hits at your natural waist you want that high 80s waist so you don't get a muffin top (does that make sense). Also the lycra won't cause your skirt to ride up if it is also cotton. And they usually have sweet prints. I also like to cut off the bottom of the shorts so you don't get sausage thigh.

And rock n roll exxon totally sells gas! but it is always more expensive than wawa.