Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I got pretty bad at the internet again: bad at writing, bad at reading.

Seen a lot of doctors lately, and yesterday, Doctor Artz, my otolaryngologist (or, "Dr. Handsome" as my mom calls him.)
Got MRIs from last week checked, and no brain tumor. Another MRI in a year, and then I can cut back to the leisurely pace of one MRI every five years.

He really wants me to "just hear the options" about hearing aids. One option is a set of two that send fm transmissions or something, and the other (more recomended one) is Baha. You know, Brain Anchored Hearing Aid, which is a titanium implant with a little bionic robot ear that clips onto it. Here's the least sick picture of it:

So I have to go back. And hear about hearing aids. And, if my tonsils are still scratchy and gross we'll "talk about our options". That's next month, and there sure is a lot of things between now and then.


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