Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As a potential future wearer of a sort of bionic ear, I felt a huge commiseration with the underdogs in Repo Men: those who have artificial (shiny/future-y) organs and body parts that they can't pay for.

In this ultra-graphic, bloody version of our near-future they've really take it to the extreme: You get sick, you have to buy a new lung. You can't afford it? No problem. Monthly payments. Can't keeping paying for your lung? We'll take it back (which includes stun gunning you in your home, at night, and slicing you open).

I have a tendency to like alternate, but not unimaginable worlds in movies. Something that explores the ideas of "the way things are going" or "the way things could be" instead of a total departure from everything ever. (Although neither very good), I liked this better than Avatar or something. Even better than Star Trek, I guess. In general, I want to suspend my disbelief, but not that much.

There's bad guys and good guys, and best friends with morality clauses, and child prodigies, and even a twist. It's also super violent (to a weird, over the top extreme, which often turns me off to a movie), but I think I was able to get over that because I was interested in all the Future Body Parts. Like an ear you can plug headphones into so someone else can hear it! What!?

So, I have to say this: I really did like it. But it's probably not good.


pinchefresco said...

I like the ear-sharing idea too. They did something like that in "The City of Lost Children."

I can't wait to see that movie.

appropriately enough:

r___anderson said...

better than star trek! sue, your opinions are wrong.