Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 sale

Our house is for sale.

We always knew it would be (except for when we asked the management company about it at the beginning, and they assured us "Oh, Ralph? He'd never ever sell").
The sign went up yesterday, and although I've heard much lower numbers tossed around, they're listing it at TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Good luck.
Because of the absurd asking price, the condition of the house, and the amount of taxidermy we have around, I'm not super worried about new buyers and having to move and everything, but I guess it's a possibility. Thinking about new places, even when it's non-eminent, is fun but mostly daunting.
If you have any questions about this pre-foreclosure gem in the heart of Olde Kensington, and you want to be our landlord, get at me I guess. We do have a nice back deck.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the sign last night I was too surprised and did not take note of how AWESOME "Tara Real Estate" with a Rose is. Scarlett?

And, that is more expensive than our house was.

josh ballard said...

35% more than an 80's party house in scenic lewiston.

Bangs said...

I'm pretty sure it's more expensive than any house anyone has lived in ever. It's silly.

Also Kimmy found this house, near our house, that is the same price. But nice: