Monday, August 11, 2008

GIANT Batman and Kev-cost

Melmar and I went to see Keven Costner and company's Swing Vote.
It was terrible. Aside from the premise (for those of you who don't know - the presidental election has come down to one uninformed schmuck's vote, and both candidates try to woo him!) and the unbearable four minute KC monologues extolling the virtues of civic responsibility, there were also four conversations that went like this:

Bud: (in defiance of his daughter's attempts to better his life) "FINE!"
Molly: (in resignation) "fine!"
Bud: (usually with a sigh, much quieter now) "fine."

Four times.
There was one good part though - upon learning that Bud might be pro-life, the democratic candidate makes a pro-life ad. It's him on a playground, with a million little kids playing in the background, and as he starts talking about the abomination of abortion, the kids keep exploding into puffs of black smoke, some leaving a trail of soot as the go down the slide.

People shouldn't star in movies they produce, which is why we also have three branches of government.

After that movie I watched Catch Me If You Can, where Leo D is so handsome,
Image Hosted by before he got old + fatter + rugged.
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After that we finally went see Dark Knight in IMAX. It was Really Big.

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christophresh said...

glad you clarified why there are three branches