Monday, August 11, 2008

a bad-good sandwich

So, for those of you who've been following, I broke my face:
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As of today I've officially given up on my insurance helping me at all, so I took the next available time slot at the dental school at Penn, so I can start getting new teeth in my head.

October 21. 1:30 pm. Yes, that is two and a half months away. This is probably why my real dentist told me I'll need ten years to fix my teeth.

Better news:
On Saturday, I got to go pick up my scooter. After six weeks I was lucky I could still remember how to drive it.
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Also, Sarah is in town, on a sort of farewell tour.

Less fun:
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Babycat has gone back home. His mom called, and Marilyn relinquished him. It was fun while it lasted, but MLB is pretty happy he's gone I think.

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