Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi, I write the boringest blog about food I ate and what I'm doing during the day. Here's a message I got today:

From: ontherock5 (ontherock5)
To: susanliedke
Date: 08/15/08, 10:28:48

Message: your name intrigued me . . .
male 46 . . . houston . . . :-)

This was on, where I'm playing Othello (I mean "Reversi"), Stratego (I mean "Sabotage"), Pente, and Battleship (oh, "Battleboats") against Rob.

I can't decide of ontherock5 is a creep trolling for girls who like to play games or what. But I guess I should stop using my actual name as my username. For everything. It's too intriguing.

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