Monday, August 25, 2008

NJ Transit

Riding a train across New Jersey is like surveying a failed SimCity experiment, where someone just put all the ugly parts together, and that's all you get to see. I know there's nicer parts, I've been to a couple, but this train ride seems to just confirm every stereotype I've heard, and darken my day.
I got my iPod to work better (more “on land” than “underwater” sound), and spent most of the train ride wondering if MIA has any place in New Jersey. Would you even bother listening to it if you lived in the (worst maybe) suburbs, or would it just make you nostalgic for things going on in cities so nearby? I tried Hayden instead, and wonder if his mom and dad 1. listen to his albums, 2. are proud of him and/or pretend to like his albums 3. bother to consider his songs about (very) young girls and what it could mean.
Do parents listen to albums?

Edited to add an apology that my sentence structure is (in general) so bad (or at least complex) that it makes most things I write almost unreadable. Airplanes/airports now.
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