Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woody Allendovar

Our top two movies to see yesterday were either Henry Poole is Here and Vicky Christina Barcelona. After reading a review that compared HP to Touched By an Angel, and another that claimed "if you love Lifetime movies, Hallmark cards, and the Bible, then you'll love Henry Poole" - we decided to go with Woody.

There's these two girls who are bff, and they go to....Barcelona! Brown Hair (Vicky) just wants to date and get married to a regular boy, and Christina can't date anybody 'cause she's totally insatiable, and doesn't like anybody enough. They meet this boy, they both sleep with him (separately), and then the Christina gets married to her nice boyfriend, and Christina dates and breaks up with New Boy and his ex-wife (because she's chronically dissatisfied). Everyone ends up where they started.
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Anyway, it was better than Match Point and Scoop and all that...I think. Not super amazing, and had weird, campy narration, awkward dialog, the question of the Importance of Art and too much Spanish guitar, but it was alright. You should go see it if you want to see ScarJo and P Cruz make out in a dark room.

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