Friday, August 15, 2008


(Eight year prom date reunion, preface)
Tonight is prom at 607, and I reunite with Matt Tice. We went to prom together in 2000 at Buffalo City Honors, where we were the the most punk rock couple there (minus that one weird 28 year old haggard girl who was someone's date. She was def more punk than us). As I remember, we might have skipped the dinner part of prom to go to the Backstage Pub. I think we mostly went to have our picture taken. Black girls really liked us.
(imagine really good picture that I can't find with mohawks and peircings and studded belts here)

Oh, and:
Sorry to disappoint, (I know you were looking forward to my super astute observations) but we didn't go see Tropic Thunder last night. Here's a pre-emptive review - "This movie was fine, but the target audience is big assholes that I don't really want to be in a theatre with again."
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