Tuesday, August 19, 2008

n + l

Last night we went to see Man on Fire. PSYCH! Man on Wire.
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Aside from a couple dumb devices (reenactments, and this weird thing with a curtain) they used, it was really great.
The best parts are how they have to sneak into these buildings and be super stealth about everything, and that they do it even though they get arrested every single time.
The worst part is how they never address how these kids afford (financially) to spend all their time building WTC models, hanging out in fields giving each other piggy back rides, flying back and forth from Paris to New York, and duping highly trained American security guards.

After the movie, we had a quick drink at the Khyber, where Nikki told us she's trying to grow her nails out.
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Conrad told her, "girls worry about the wrong things. Boys never care about fingernails or eyelashes". True?

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josh ballard said...

i like fake eyelashes. but i'm highly suspicious of girls with really perfect nails. chipped nail polish is the way to go.