Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My best friend really wanted to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Lost Pants for her birthday. Because I like Sarah, we went. One last hurrah before Korea.

Some things you should know:
the pants are actually magical. When you put them on, "miracles" are supposed to happen. If you get over them, and don't put them on (basically your friends), good things don't happen to you. You'll probably lose your boyfriend. When you DO put them on, you'll get that missed period or find out that your grandmother DOES love you. This is the kind of movie this was.

Probably the MOST magical thing is that these pants fit all of these girls.
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Possible best line:
Tibby: (referencing the broken condom that will cause her to dump her bf and spiral into a deep depression that could probably have been avoided by just getting the d.a. pill or a pregnancy test) "Are you sure it was a real one?"

Babysister/boyfriend stealer loses the pants, but the girls find the color of the sky and the ocean an acceptable subsitute, realising they make their own happiness. THEY DIDN'T NEED THE PANTS AFTER ALL.

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