Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, LOST is over.  We hashed it out as much as I ever want to on the four and half minute walk home.   I feel disappointed, a little tricked, and mostly relieved it's over.  So ends a saga.    I kind of feel the same way I do when I think back about brushing my teeth for all those years.  What a joke.

Let's see.  We're getting an official fourth weekend-roommate for the summer (here's a hint: it's Amanda), we did some birthdays this weekend, and some pool party.  In case you were wondering, that little pool we have in our yard comfortably holds about 15 shivering cold people late at night.  Also turns our dining room into a swamp when every one comes inside but WHO CARES.   See pictures of cold people in underpants in the pool over at Marilyn's blog.

Potential buyers came through to see our house on Sunday (because, if you didn't know, it's STILL FOR SALE for some crazy unattainable number).  I can only what people think and say when they come over and see this.  Especially on a morning after a late night pool party.  Yikes?
No skin off my back.

We're probably moving (sorry, new neighbors) - but not til summer's over.  Picture something like this:
It's farther away, and we'll be harder to visit, but when you do come to see us, we'll be so fancy, K?

For now, we're concentrating on getting the most out of the pool and the grill, and trying to plan a cat wedding photo shoot.  And (yesterday) eating as many Mexican meals as possible in one day.



Amber Reeves said...

i'm officially calling you a jerk if you move any further.

Bangs said...

I know Amber, I know. But it's cute, right?