Thursday, July 23, 2009


I wish I could block all vampire content from Facebook. Maybe I just need new friends.

Shopping Pause has been effective. I was able to pay medical bills in full! There's not more room in my closet, but there's the same amount of room, and I've been breaking out some oldies. Will I keep not shopping? Not sure. Kind of depends on whether Kelly will take me to Forever 21 soon.

This month in Reader's Digest, there was an article about whether people would take 10,000 dollars, or lose ten pounds. All these different demographics have different answers, and experts give a bunch of boring reasons for them. I decided if I could lose ten pounds AND lock in that weight forever, sign me up. Otherwise, I'll probably take the cash. Y tu?

I also recently started using Google analytics, and know how many people are reading my blog, from where, what browser you're using, and SO MUCH MORE. It's pretty awesome, and a little lurky.

Content, right?


lady.shiv said...

Ten pounds? TEN POUNDS?! No one who only needs to lose ten pounds should take that over $10,000. You bust your ass for a couple weeks and you can lose ten pounds, but not make $10,000. Well, maybe you could, but it would probably be by illegal of unsavory means.

lady.shiv said...

*or, not of.

lana bear said...

i dunno- 10 pounds can be hard to lose. i feel like 10 pounds for me would be my ideal weight, but even when i was working out 8 times a day, i could never get there. if i could guarantee the weight forever, then i'd take it.

also- analytics- it won't count the people reading your blog through google reader, which is what i use, so i set my blog to only allow google reader users to see a portion of each post, so they have to go to my blog to read the rest. that way i get their count too.

you can also see what people google to get to your page. that can be creepily awesome.

sarah said...

10k can buy you some lipo with money to spare guys.
also, since everyone is creeping and tracking do we think lana knows i read her blogs sometimes?

elizabethfrances said...

sue, i can help you clean out your closet, by borrowing some clothes.
i need clothes sizes medium and large.
shirts and skirts and dresses.
i am going back to work in two weeks and i need non maternity clothes !
hmm... do we know anyone who will be traveling from philly to buffalo. maybe tim, to say goodbye to his mom and meet lucy before cali. ? maybe ?

Bangs said...

Sarah, if Lana didn't know before, she knows now. Also you're probably the only person in Korea that is reading our blogs.

lana bear said...

Sarah- i didn't know specifically it was you, but sue sends a large amount of people to my blog, she's one of my top referrers! woo woo, i like when people read my blog!

Bangs said...

Now I know that there are two people in Canada reading my blog. Awesome.