Thursday, July 16, 2009


My driver today had so much game.

"You like this music? This is belly dancing music. You would be a great belly dancer." (My foot in a cast, up on the seat). He told me he's so good at dancing, that he's started giving lessons. He could give me belly dancing lessons. Maybe just for one hour. Gives me his phone number.

"You have a cat." (Am I that obvious? No, he's psychic. Really, he told me.)
"You just broke up with your boyfriend." No (but maybe he was thinking of my foot). "Well, you will soon!" Then he did a sort of "knock on wood" thing, but it was a finger-lick touch the ceiling light thing.
"You're probably getting rid of your bed soon." How do you even respond to that?

Anyway. If you need a semi-psychic taxi ride with lots of compliments and weird predictions, I've got Tarek's number. He likes to pronounce his name with the French accent, "even though we hate the French".


s. said...

hahaha amazing! i love it.

christophresh said...

Was this a hack-cab? Because I had a drive with one once, I think his name was Tarik? He was funny too, even when talking about how he had just gotten out of prison.
His car broke down near my house; I helped him push it a ways.