Friday, July 24, 2009

chinchillas: are they real?

Yesterday I was watching a little Diego (yes, Dora's cousin), the episode had a baby chinchilla on it.
How can they even be real?
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These guys are supposed to be able to live in the wild? They're so funny! Melissa, maybe this is a good, non-dog version of a corgi? What if it just hopped around your house all the time?


Amber Reeves said...

the little dark one that jumps on the dog makes me want to cry! tears of joy! ahh!

that pants said...

we definitely have talked about getting one. Dave totally wants one, too. also, after this weekend, pretty sure dog allergy is real. (like i wasn't sure that time my eye blew up.)

Bangs said...

I'm all for it, Rogels. And if you're unconvinced, you should watch a movie of them taking a dust bath. Pretty amazing stuff here.

pinchefresco said...

Deven and I had to sleep in a room with one on the way to Chicago and I was not having it. For some reason, that thing grossed me right out. Maybe I'm not a girl after all.