Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I don't really use my phone that much. So it took me over a week to realize that I left my phone charger in Honeoye, NY. The good news is, there's some cord in my desk drawer at work that's charging my phone through a USB port on my computer? Great.

I'm also getting better at crutches. My foot doesn't hurt a million. Tomorrow I find out what's wrong (maybe nothing?).

Tonight The Movie comes out, and I'm pretty sure there's no goofy JarJar Binks types in this one.

This week is outside movies, grilled food, trips to Vera, and birthdays.

It's like I can almost ignore the bad parts right now.

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Amber Reeves said...

i am so into all the things you're doing this week. keep me on the up!

LUMPER (no joke).